Frequently Asked Questions


When are football and cheer signups?

First signups are typically in May with another in June.  You are able to sign your child up all the way until the 4th of July when we are at our fireworks booth located in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

How much does it cost to register our child for the upcoming football and cheer season?

The current answer is....not sure yet as the Del Norte Youth Football Board has not decided on what the registration fee will be for the upcoming season.  Last season the registration fee was $135/child which was the lowest in the Six Rivers Youth Football league.

What division will my child be participating in based on his/her age?

Players and cheerleaders are separated into age groups of A (8 & 9 Years Old), AA (10 & 11 Years Old), and AAA (12-14 Years Old).  The division they will participate in depends on his/her age on the date of August 31st of the current season.  

When does football and cheer start?

Practices typically start the last week of July and the teams practice 5 days a week the first 2 weeks and typically go down to 4 the 3rd week prior to the Jamboree.  After the Jamboree, practice go to 3 days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with football games typically being played on Sundays.

How are teams selected?

Players are separated out onto teams based on the players geographical residence using the predetermined street authorized by SRYF as the line used to separate players into the appropriate teams.  If for some reason the team numbers are uneven, SRYF has given DNYF the authorization to slide the line in the appropriate direction needed to balance the teams numbers.

How many players are on a football team?

SRYF rules require that a team has a minimum of 13 players certified and able to play each game with a maximum of 36 players per football team.  DNYF prides itself in not capping our teams off at 36 players, meaning that we want to give every child the opportunity to participate in our program.  Its very common for DNYF to have multiple teams in each division and we anticipate that to continue to be the case for many seasons to come.

Is there a minimum play rule?

SRYF imposes a minimum of six plays required to be played during a game.  The DNYF Board hopes that coaches use good judgement in insuring all players are receiving adequate playing time well above the minimum play requirements. 

How can I become a football or cheerleading coach?

Del Norte Youth Football would not exist if it was not for all the amazing people that donate their time towards the youth of our community within our program.  You will need to express your interest to the DNYF Board that you are interested in coaching and will need to fill out a Volunteer Form along with passing a background check.

What league does Del Norte Youth Football participate in?

Del Norte Youth Football is a member of the Six Rivers Youth Football League (SRYF).  Other youth football programs that currently participate in the league currently are as follows: McKinleyville Youth Football, Eureka Junior Logger Football, Redwood Youth Football, Hoopa Valley Youth Football, Eel River Valley Youth Football and Ferndale Youth Football.